Operationalising a Diversity Mindset

Operationalise:  To put into operation, practice  or use.

Diversity Mindset:  Believing in equality, dignity and the agency of every human being.


Culturewise Practice® enables people to operate in a creative paradigm that shifts perspectives, expands cultural consciousness, and develops capabilities to engage in meaningful and productive ways with others.  It is a process that goes beyond traditional cultural diversity training where the predominant focus is on learning about others. Rather, our approach is about emerging the potentials contained within the ‘culture of the moment’ which is created when we interact with others

Our logo embodies this process; a continuing, dynamic spiralling process of gaining insights and capabilities.

The purple circle embodies being Culturewise™. The colour purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence and creativity. It is at the centre of our logo as Culturewise Practice® operationalises three key elements.

The blue circle embodies consciousness and intellect; it embodies the Cultural Consciousness element, where knowledge meets insight, and deep reflection enables the development of shared meanings and understandings.

The orange circle embodies joy and creativity; it embodies the Creative Communication element, where shared intentions enable new possibilities for shared outcomes and equity and inclusion to emerge.

The green circle embodies the environment where both growth and stability have a place; it embodies the Spontaneous Leadership element where mutual respect; taking personal responsibility for our thoughts feelings and actions and a respect for the perspectives of others, enables us to step into opportunities for 'in the moment' leadership.

The white background provides the light that shines on this evolutionary process;  where we collaborate to enhance creativity, innovation and productivity and achieve Synergy out of Diversity® at the individual, community and organisational levels.