About Us

Culturewise Practice Pty Ltd is a consultancy assisting individuals and organisations in the private, corporate, government and community sectors to create ‘synergy out of diversity’® with clients and colleagues by  operationalising diversity mindsets.

Our approach to diversity is based on our Culturewise Practice® approach which integrates sound theoretical principles of personal, community and organizational development, with effective intercultural communication.

We work with individuals and organisations to develop the insights, knowledge and capabilities to be effective in any intercultural interactions;  across the multicultural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other diversity divides.


Our Objective

  • Synergy out of Diversity®

Our Strategy 

  • Operationalising a Diversity Mindset.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Respect: Respecting self and others
  • Relevance: It has to make sense now
  • Inclusion: Seeking and valuing participation

Your Rewards:

Integrated, Cost Effective, Measurable and Sustainable results.