Previous Research Projects

The BlackCard Pty Ltd (2015- current) supporting the directors of the BlackCard in their endeavors to provide training and consultancy services to a variety of large Australian organisations based on their Aboriginal Terms of Reference Framework. The support we provide involves research, analysis and and report writing services.

Scanlon Foundation & Australian Industry Group (Melbourne) "Managing Cultural Diversity in Australia: Issues, Responses and Approaches". Qualitative research project to identify the key issues, responses and approaches to cultural diversity in Australian industry (2015).

Mater Hospital, Brisbane. (Queensland) "Delivering Culturally Responsive Service - Snapshots of what it means and what it looks like at Mater Health Services" - Qualitative research project to ascertain staff's understanding of and practices of being culturally responsive (2010).

Cultural Diversity Services Pty Ltd. (South Australia) 2005/06 Team member, national research project on the effectiveness of cross cultural training in Australia.

Australian Business Limited (NSWDevelopment and coordination of a Productive Diversity strategy for and its members, including resource development, website content and consultations to members (2001, 2002)o

Australian Business Learning (NSW): Rewrite of Certificate 4 - Workplace Training and Assessment, and Certificate 3, 4 and Diploma learning materials to integrate diversity concepts. (2002)

NSW Labor Council: (NSW) Development of training materials "Intercultural Skills and Competencies for Union Organisers". (2001)

Bartter Enterprises Pty Ltd (NSW) -Development of assessor and workplace trainers training materials to effectively train and assess people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. (2001)

Steric Pty Ltd (NSW)- Villawood - Workforce Survey and skills audit.(2001)

Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. : Enhancing Personal Effectiveness in Diversity. Development and pilot of a pedagogical approach to Diversity in the Workplace (2001). 

Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. (ACT): Uncovering the drivers for Productive Diversity in Small and Medium Enterprises (2002).