Training Resources

Our training resources are customised to the context and needs of each client.


Culturewise Practice®  – Our Foundation Course

Culturewise Practice® is a framework and a method developed by Caroline Bouten Pinto and Sandra Bennett to enable people to expand their ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures and facilitate individuals and organisations to transform their practices to be culturally responsive and inclusive.


Culturewise™ Leadership

This program enables individuals in leadership positions to build the organisational capability to know/recognize/make clear distinctions when to be with difference and when to manage difference. This repositioning and the development of critical relational leadership skills will provide participants with the tools to transform organisations into supportive, productive and inclusive workplace environments.


Intercultural Communication 

Participants will gain insights into the complexity of the communication process, learn how to deal with accents and non-fluent English speakers and receive insights into the complexities of working with professional interpreters.


Operationalising A Diversity Mindset – Aligning Policy and Practice

This program will introduce participants to a framework for reviewing organisational policies and practices for cultural responsiveness; manage expectations and identify areas and strategies for appropriate action and communication.


Operationalising a Diversity Mindset - Excellence in Service

This program focuses on practical skills and information that raises awareness of the patterns of cultural difference likely to be encountered as people interact with culturally diverse public and colleagues; particularly differences likely to generate negative perceptions.


Teams, Culture and Decision-making

This program will enable participants to develop an understanding of and the ability to manage the complexities and the dynamics associated with diverse teams – culture, gender, generational, abilities.


Building a Safety Culture in Culturally Diverse Workplaces

This program enables participants to develop an understanding of the influence of culture on sense-making; particularly as it relates to safety. The focus will be on learning how to deploy these influences in a positive way towards building a safety culture in organisations.