What participants had to say

Providing Culturally Responsive Service

o   I found the course to be relevant up to date and purposeful. Enjoyed the day and picked up some new skills.

o   Excellently facilitated! Specifically enjoyed the “experiences” & activities as they definitely offered additional insight.


Diversity Leadership

o   Excellent combination of theory and practical examples.

o   The complexity of the model was clearly explained.

o   Very helpful & practical & encouraging.


Culturewise Practice®

o   Excellent course, I would thoroughly recommend it. It teaches you a lot about yourself, which is quite rare for a one day course/session.

o   All staff should attend this training; fantastic – very applicable.

o   Everybody should have to do this course or some version of it routinely. It would have a lasting beneficial impact on the internal culture of my organisation and its relations with community.


Communicating Effectively Across Cultures and with non-fluent English Speakers

o   Thank you for a practical and insightful workshop. The activities really helped the staff to experience what they were learning.

o   It’s excellent to look at yourself & be more self aware under all circumstances

o   Our presenter was very professional and handled some sensitive questions in an excellent manner.


Considering Culture in Workplace Health and Safety

o   This workshop made me think about the assumptions that are embedded in our way of approaching workplace health and safety.

o   I realised that we can use cultural differences to our advantage in our approach to workplace health and safety.


Teams, Culture and Decision-making

o   Great case for the next level of cross cultural/diversity; Excellent reading to support the learning.

o   I would recommend it, there was a new material and practical exercises that were fabulous.

o   Enjoyed role playing then debrief. Reflexive Practice was useful; Case needs to be presented to many groups across all cultures.


In/Out bound Country Specific Training

o   Thank you; what is happening with my family actually makes sense now.

o   So much more than information; real insight and tools.